Just a little feedback from our Attendees. 
Istanbul was my 1st meeting of Radiology International. It was one of the best I had so far. Some of the lecture were really outstanding. Of course some of the speakers are very well known in the world of radiology, but also the other referents were very good. The combination of excellent lectures and free time is very attractive, so my wife also came to Istanbul. BP. Switzerland 
We are home and had a wonderful time. I thought that the conference was great and we really liked Marrakech, the scenic tours and the hotel. JZ, MD, Pennsylvania 
I honestly thought it was the best conference I have been to in a long time. I have to say that I was very hesitant about going to this because of the bombing but kudos to you for telling us about it. I love the USB pen with the lectures, that was great. The lectures were better than anyone you have ever had. Of course you could have an all star team with your best people from each tour put them together and it would have blown anyone out of the water but the people you had here were the best mix I have ever seen. Really better than any conference I have ever been to. MW, MD. Pennsylvania 
Wonderful trip, experience and meeting. JF, MD, California 
One million thanks to you and your wonderful staff for another excellent congress. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that you gave me to exchange information with colleagues from all around the world. It was great to participate as a member of your faculty. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Marrakech in a word was beautiful...the country, the people, the hotel, the food, the experiences. I made many new friends and have created a ' Radiology International congress family.' 
Warmest regards and see you in Turkey. TS, MD, Texas 
Great meeting and fascinating location. The Moroccan people were extremely accommodating and friendly. Thanks to you and your associates for a wonderful experience. HW, MD, Florida 
We discovered Radiology International many years ago after seeing a promotion for the Parma and Stresa meeting in Italy. We attended on a lark after focusing all my CME activities in the past in stateside venues. Denise Mora (a dear person by any standard), from Globe Travel made all the arrangements and we were greeted in the Milano airport and promptly taken to the conference hotel in Parma. What struck me first was the unexpected delight of Parma. It would not have been high on my list of Italian "must sees", but we found the historic city rich in heritage, historic sites and a wonderful ambience. It was a wonderful surprise. I know now that Dr. Crawford selects sites only after considerable personal research and site visits. 
The "welcome dinner" was a shocker. Wonderful little Italian restaurant with fabulous food and freely flowing local wine. Hardly the ubiquitous buffet with chicken. We sat at long communal tables and were entertained by local musicians. Truly a night to remember. New friends met and many of these friendships last to this day. 
One of the features, we find most enjoyable is the opportunity to meet radiologists World-wide, develop friendships with colleagues and gain professional insights. What is unique to Radiology International, is that the presenters also attend all the functions and you have the opportunity to socialize with radiologists of international stature who have contributed to our field in very significant ways. Many names are instantly recognized, their books line our shelves. Where else can you chat over wine with the likes of Dr. Anne Osborn and others. Of key importance is the top quality of the presentations, focusing on practical material for the working radiologist. These are serious meetings with much to be learned. 
September 17-24, 2011 
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Once we discovered them, we have not missed another meeting and have literally seen the World with Dr. Crawford (Beatty) and many old friends, from New Zealand, China, Australia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and more. The meetings are the high-lights of our year combining top quality CME and fabulous adventures. What other meetings have you serenaded by opera singers in the courtyard of an ancient castle, be led to the great hall in Stirling Castle by a military tattoo of bagpipers, walk the corridors of Queen Isabella's palace, hike along the Great Wall of China, seeing scantily clad bathing beauties (so I am told) at Bondi Beach, Sydney, boating up Millford Sound near Queensland, dine in the palatial home of a Sicilian Count and Countessa or take a rustic carriage ride in the highlands of Ireland. 
One of the absolute highlights was the rare privilege of dining in the State Hall of the secure and highly restricted government complex in Beijing where Nixon, Kissinger and Mao had their famous meeting. It was so unusual, the Chinese guides repeatedly mentioned their astonishment that they were actually taking us there. The Beijing Opera performed. One of life's incredible memories. Amazing, but not unusual with Radiology International. 
Thank you Henry of Sanditz Travel for your heroic efforts to preserve the WORLD'S BEST MEDICAL MEETING. Beatty's legacy should live on. Nadine and company will do a great job. You have many loyal and enthusiastic supporters. 
You will never look at medical conferences the same way again. 
Jon A. Muntz, M.D 
Chairman of Radiology 
Brooks Memorial Hospital 
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