Radiology in the Basque Country - Scientific Program. 
San Sebastian, Spain. 
Monday, October 9, 2017                                                         Moderators: Drs. Crawford and Saez 
7.30am Welcome to the Basque Country– Dr. Crawford and Dr. Saez 
7.35am Prostate MRI: What’s the evidence? – Dr. Weinreb 
8.20am The top 10 mamographic challenges - Dr. Linver 
9.05am Imaging cranial nerves 1-VI - Dr. Johnson 
9.50am Normal variants in Musculoskeletal Pediatric Radiology. – Dr. Saez 
10.35am Coffee 
10.50am Imaging of Viral Infections – Dr. Franquet 
11.35am Contrast enhance mammography and other evolving modalities – Dr. Linver 
12.20pm Imaging cranial nerves – Dr. Johnson 
1.05pm SAM - Lung cancer screening – Dr. Lynch 
Tuesday, October 10, 2017                                                       Moderators: Drs. Crues and Lynch 
7.30am Update on MRI of the shoulder – Dr. Crues 
8.15am Approach to HRCT of the chest - Dr. Lynch 
9.00am Imaging the post operative spine – Dr. Johnson 
9.45am Back pain in adolescents and young adults – Dr. Ereño, 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Ablation of Liver and Kidney Neoplasms. Indications, Techniques and Outcomes – Dr. del Cura 
11.30am Update on MRI of the knee - Dr. Crues 
12.15pm The missed mammographic lesions: Causes and Cures – Dr. Linver 
1.00pm SAM - How to screen for Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma – Dr. Weinreb 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017                                                  Moderators: Drs. Johnson and Weinreb 
7.30am Practical approach to Head and Neck Tumour Imaging- Dr. Johnson 
8.10am Rectal MRI - Dr. Weinreb 
8.50am CT of fibrotic lung disease – Dr. Lynch 
9.30am MRI of articular cartilage – Dr. Crues 
10.10am Coffee 
10.25am Imaging and management of pancreatic cystic lesions -Dr. Weinreb 
11.05pm SAM - Breast cancer grading, staging and risk factor analysis – Dr. Linver 
Biarritz, France. 
Thursday, October 12, 2017                                                     Moderators: Drs. Linver and Crues 
7.30am Breast MRI; Current indications – Dr. Linver 
8.15am MRI GYN case review - Dr Weinreb 
9.00am MRI of the elbow– Dr. Crues 
9.45am Cystic lesions of the sella - Dr. Bonneville 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Non-tumoral lesions of the brainstem - Dr. Bonneville 
11.30am Radiologists role in pain management – Dr. Johnson 
12.15pm CT of non fibrotic lung disease – Dr. Lynch 
1.05pm SAM - MRI of foot and ankle – Dr. Crues 
Friday, October 13, 2017                                                         Moderators: Drs. Lynch and Crawford 
7.30am Management of lung nodules – Dr. Lynch 
8.15am Cyst or Serious on Abdominal CT/MRI? – Dr. Weinreb 
9.00am MRI in arthritis – Dr. Crues 
9.45am Multimodality challenging cases - Dr. Linver 
10.30am Coffee 
10.45am Imaging of renal tumors in 2017 - Pr. Cornelis 
11.30am Pulmonary embolism and pulmonary vascular disease – Dr. Lynch 
12.15pm Imaging of renal infections - Pr. Cornelis 
1.05pm SAM - Avoiding pitfalls in neuroimaging – Dr. Johnson 
The conference has been awarded 29.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ accredited by Essential CME Inc., P O Box 1357, Avon CT 06001-1357 USA, Telephone (001) 860-225-1700. 
29.25 points RANZCR CPD points can be claimed for attendance at Radiology in Basque Country. 
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